Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross below Smlednik Castle was built in 1772 in a Baroque style. Its fourteen chapels are built in a straight line from the Old castle and the “Blood sign” chapel on the field where the Carniolan scaffold used to stand, a classic example of landscape architecture.

Kalvarija, smeldnik

The Way of the Cross below the Old castle has fourteen chapels and three crosses on the top, which is a unique architectural feature. It was built by Smlednik Castle owner Baron Franc of Smlednik in 1772. The chapels form a straight line from the Old Castle and the Blood sign, a chapel in memory of the Carniolan scaffold on the field under the filial church in the Valburga village. To realise his vision of building the Way of the Cross in a straight line, Franc of Smlednik had to exchange his land with the land of his neighbouring freeholder Jakob Jeraj. This transaction was recorded in a contract, one of the first in the Slovenian language.

This is proof that the Way of the Cross can be considered a mature piece of landscape architecture. In 2001, the Way of the Cross was renovated, lighted and painted by Maša Bersan Mašuk. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque creations in Slovenia.


GPS coordinates
N 46.167191
E 14.437024
+386 (0)1 41 426 146
(TD Smlednik, Marjan)
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