Straža Hot Spring

The Straža hot spring is a relatively strong hypothermal spring located in the middle of the fields below the Spodnje Pirniče village.

Topli vrelec Straža, pirniče

The water temperature ranges from 17 to 23°C and its flow is between 6 and 8 l/min. The temperature difference between the warm water and the cold air is most noticeable in winter thanks to the rising mists. Straža is the only preserved hot spring in the Ljubljana basin, protected as a natural monument and a unique landscape feature with typical Mediterranean flora (in the 1920s, a rare Mediterranean fern called maidenhair fern was even found here, far from its other known growing sites in the Primorska region). The inhabitants of Pirniče are trying to get the nearby biodiverse wetland and the abandoned quarry included into the protected area. In the past, especially during winters, the spring was used by laundresses from nearby villages.

Today, the water from the spring flows into a larger pool, which was cleaned by the Pirniče Tourism Society a few years ago and is now suitable for bathing in the summer time. The spring and the surrounding paths through fields and meadows are a popular area for walking, running and cycling. The benches by the spring are perfect for a well-deserved snack or at least a moment of rest.


Spodnje Pirniče
GPS coordinates
E 14.431675
+386 (0)1 361 43 46 (TIC)
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