Sora Natural Lido

The well maintained Sora natural lido with certified clean bathing water is one of the greatest tourism development potentials of Medvode.

Naravno kopališče Sora, medvode, reka sora

In the past two years, the Sotočje Medvode Public Institute, in collaboration with the Municipality of Medvode, started improving the area by the dam on the Sora River in the Goričane village to create a natural lido. In May 2017, the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food made all the required bathing water measurements, showing that the water is suitable for bathing. The measurements in 2018 confirmed that fact. The lido is still in under construction, but bathers can already access the water, grass has been planted in the 5-meter river shore belt and the area is equipped with four benches, a bike rack and two waste bins. It has been estimated that more than 1200 bathers visited the Sora lido in 2018.


Goričane, Medvode
GPS coordinates
N 46° 08' 35.1"
E 14° 23' 31.7"
+386 (0)1 41 298 485
(Javni zavod Sotočje)
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