Pri Dolinčku House

The farm house Pri Dolinčku is built partially from stone and partially from wood. It is one of the few well preserved examples of farm buildings from the 17th century in the wider Ljubljana region.

Dolinčkova hiša

It is located on the right bank of the Sora River in the Dol village. Right next to it is the filial village Church of St. Michael, which was first mentioned in the records from 1631. Together, the buildings form the oldest settled part of the village.

The house is a two-storied building built partially from stone and partially from wood, with the traditional rectangular Alpine ground plan. Individual architectural elements in the stone part of the house, such as the semi-circular portals with cropped edges and the Gothic window with a shelf on the entry-side facade, belong to the late Gothic or early Renaissance style, indicating that they were built in the same time period as the church. As we know, the stylistic elements came to the rural areas with a hundred years of delay, so we can assume that the stonemason who worked on the church also completed the order for the presumably wealthy owner of the nearby house. It is probable that only the brick part of the house was built at that time, as the stairs leading from the entrance hall to the second storey are designed as external stairs. It is also possible that an independent one-storey wooden part already existed at the time, but was renovated in 1765 (the year is written on a beam in the house), raised by one storey and connected to the entrance hall and the black kitchen to form one single object. The granary in the second storey of the stone part then became the living space, the ground floor became the stables and the second storey of the wooden part became a storage area.

The size of the house and the quality of the construction indicate that the former owners were very wealthy, as it was built at a time when most houses were made completely from wood or had only one storey. Very few had masterful stone-crafted elements, such as can be found in the Pri Dolinčku House. Originally, the house was called Pri Kocjanu. In the years of mass emigration, the Kocjan family moved to America and sold the house in 1883. It was bought by Jože Šuštaršič, born in 1846 in Zbilje, who also introduced a new house name –Dolinčk. His son Franc Šuštaršič had 9 children and his unmarried daughters Frančiška and Marija stayed in the house. Marija’s nephew and current owner of the house started building a new house next to the old one in 1975, when the last occupant left the old house. The old house remained empty; the only objects still in use are the stables.


Dol, Medvode
GPS coordinates
E 14.367094
+386 (0)1 361 43 46 (TIC)
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