Osolnik is a 858-metre high peak located south of Škofja Loka and west of Medvode. The top with the church of Saint Hermagoras and Fortunats offers a beautiful view of the Polhov Gradec Hills and a part of the Kamnik – Savinja Alps.

oslolnik, medvode

Osolnik, also called Osovnik by the locals, is a high, bare peak in the eastern part of the Sora plain. The legend says that Saint Hermagoras visited the hill centuries ago. There, he spoke to God, who showed him the passage of time and entrusted his homeland into his protection. His footsteps can still be seen on the steep north-facing slopes, as they cannot be covered. After the visit of Saint Hermagoras, a church was built on Osolnik. So says the local oral history, well-known to the older inhabitants of nearby villages and hamlets. Whether your reason for visiting Osolnik is of a religious or secular nature, you will not be disappointed. First, your attention is drawn to the centuries-old trees that give shade to the church. They look like a part of the castle garden that does not hide its age. Their beginnings may go back to the times when a castle stood below the hilltop. The remains of mighty walls used to attract many local treasure hunters, who did not have much luck and only found broken ceramics and statuettes. The view from Osolnik opens on the nearby tops of Polhov Gradec Dolomites, the Sava plain, part of the Karawanks and the Kamnik – Savinja Alps. You can find the record-keeping book and the stamp on a tree by the church. A circular return path leads you to the starting point through the picturesque gorge of a spring that flows into the Ločnica River in a series of small waterfalls. Osolnik is located in the Gorenjska, Bovška and Koroška region, the Škofja Loka and Polhov Gradec Hills sub-region, more specifically in the Polhov Gradec Dolomites.


Oslolnik, Medvode
GPS coordinates
N 46° 07' 55.7"
E 14° 20' 04.0"
+386 (0)1 361 43 46 (TIC)
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