Lazzarini Mansion

The luxurious Lazzarini Mansion flourished under Baron Franc of Smlednik, when it was given its lavish image.

Dvorec Lazarini, valburga, medvode

In the 17thcentury, when there was no more foreign danger, the castle lords abandoned the Old Castle in Smlednik and built a new mansion in the Valburga village, replacing the old Valburga Castle Meierhof. The Renaissance style mansion received its final look under Baron Franc of Smlednik. The knight hall and the chapel are decorated with famous frescos by German painter Eustachius Gabriel. The frescos in the knight hall show four groups of ancient gods representing the four seasons. The Barons of Smlednik fell into debt due to the large construction works on the mansion and the Way of the Cross, and in 1795, they were forced to sell the mansion. This ended an important period of more than one hundred years of reign of the Barons of Smlednik. The mansion and the lands were bought by the Lazzarini barons, who still own the mansion today.


Valburga, Smlednik
GPS coordinates
E 14.431354
+386 (0)1 41 426 146
(TD SMlednik, Marjan)
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