Lake Zbilje

Lake Zbilje is an artificial reservoir built on the Sava River near the Zbilje village. The lake was constructed in 1953, when a dam was built as part of the Medvode hydroelectric power plant.

Zbiljsko jezero, medvode, zbilje

The lake is 40 to 250 meters wide and covers 69 hectares. The upper level of the lake can reach the altitude of 328 metres. At such occasions, the lake is 5 kilometres long and covers the area between Medvode and the Mavčiče village, where the Mavčiče hydroelectric power plant was built. Above the Mavčiče dam, the Sava River creates the artificial Trobje lake.

The villages Zbilje, Podreča and Dragočajna (with a hotel and camper area) are located by the Lake Zbilje. There is a bridge across the lake, connecting Zbilje to the Valburga village (under the Smlednik Castle).

After the dam of the Mavčiče hydroelectric power plant was built, the Sava River started depositing large amounts of gravel and sludge in the Lake Zbilje depression and the tourist activities by the lake started dying out. For this reason, the lake was partially rehabilitated in the mid 90s, which lead to a revival of recreational fishing.

Soon, Lake Zbilje became a popular destination for day trips, and the development of the Zbilje village followed suit. Nowadays you can rent canoes and rowboats or catch some sunlight on the bar deckchairs. There is also a nice children’s playground, a beach-volley court and a picnic area.


Zbilje, Medvode
GPS coordinates
N 46° 09' 23.4"
E 14° 25' 10.0"
+386 (0)41 753 150
(TD Zbilje, Iztok Pipan)
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