Hrase wetlands

In the village Hraše, located near Smlednik, you can find two ponds that create one of the few wetlands in this part of Slovenia. The ponds are located in the western part of the village, spreading across five hectares. The water is no more than two metres deep. The ponds are surrounded by meadows and a mixed forest.

Mokrišče Hraše, hraše, medvode

The Hraše ponds are very important from a nature conservation point of view, as they create a unique biotope that serves as a habitat, wintering grounds or stopover habitat for many bird species. It is the nesting ground for the tufted duck, little grebe, northern lapwing, marsh warbler, little bittern and swan, and sometimes offers shelter to the northern shoveler, common teal and garganey. The wetland is also the largest frogspawn area for local protected frog species. It has become the home of the European tree frog, the common frog, the common toad, the agile frog, the common water frog and the alpine newt. The surrounding forests and meadows are a feeding ground for many animal species.

The wetlands are becoming an important part of the curriculum for nearby schools and are visited more and more often by ornithologists, biologists and other nature enthusiasts.


Hraše, Smlednik
GPS coordinates
N 46° 10' 34.0"
E 14° 26' 38.9"
+386 (0)1 41 665-291
(TD Hrase, Helena)
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