Church of St. Margaret

This church on the slope of the Jeterbenk hill has a late Gothic design with a stellar-vaulted nave and figural bosses. It is a popular destination for many hikers.

Cerkev sv. Marjete, žlebe

The church has four Baroque altars and frescos from the 17th century. On the front end of the bell tower is an immured statue of St. Margaret. The church is said to have been built at the beginning of the 16th century from the remains of the ruined Jeterbenk Castle. The legend says that the church was built by the last lords of the Jeterbenk, Jakob (Jacob) and Marjeta (Margaret) of Hertenberg, who wanted to make amends for the evil deeds done by their ancestors, the robber knights. For this reason, the church in the Žlebe village is dedicated to St. Margaret and the church on the Petelinec hill to St. Jacob. In the past, the Church of St. Margaret was a very popular pilgrimage church for the farmers from nearby villages.


Žlebe, Medvode
GPS coordinates
E 14.392680
+386 (0)1 31 808 064
(TD Žlebe Marjeta, Vanja)
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