Church of St. Jacob in Hraše

This Baroque church with many preserved Gothic elements is located far from the village. According to the legend, it was built in the village, but would not stay there. It is first mentioned as early as in 1118, when it was accorded the rights to perform baptisms and burials.

Cerkev svetega Jakoba v Hrašah

At that time, it was probably a simple, perhaps even wooden, chapel-like church, belonging to the Vodice parish. The Gothic remains of the church built before 1500 include the doors and four rose windows on the ceiling, where the Mother of God is also carved into the stone. The Baroque church altar dates from 1647, when the church was renovated in the Baroque fashion. The nave has shallow tripartite ribbed groin vaults, and the chancel has a stellar ribbed ceiling. The church is characterised by the 25 metre high bell tower, which can be seen from far away, topped with the typical Acquileia cross, indicating the dominion of the Patriarchate of Aquileia. The church is dedicated to Saint Jacob, the namesake of Jakob Aljaž. The apostle Jacob (or James) the Greater is often depicted with a seashell, thus the shell of St. Jacob became a symbol of pilgrims and wanderers. The statue of St. Jacob is placed on the main altar, with the statues of St. Ulrich and St. Nicholas by the sides. There is another church dedicated to St. Jacob in our municipality – the church on the Katarina nad Ljubljano hill. The church in the Hraše village is also the fourth control point of the Jakob Aljaž memorial trail.


Hraše, Smlednik
GPS coordinates
E 14.452204
+386 (0)1 41 665 291
(TD Hraše, Helena)
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