Birthplace of Jakob Aljaž

Jakob Aljaž was born on 6 July 1845 in a house that still stands in the Zavrh pod Šmarno goro village.

Rojstna hiša Jakoba Aljaža, Jakob Aljaž, Medvode

Jakob Aljaž was a priest, a composer, a publicist and a mountaineer. He played a large role in the development of Slovenian mountaineering. When he was the parish priest in the Dovje village, he bought Kredarica and the top of the Triglav mountain, where he built a modest shelter called the Aljaž tower. He later gifted the land to the Slovenain Mountaineering Society. He also built some other mountain lodges in the mountains around Triglav: the Triglav lodge on Kredarica, the lodge in the Vrata valley (today called the Aljaž Lodge) and the Stanič shelter just below the top of Triglav. He also marked many hiking trails.

One of his other interests was music. He mainly wrote choir songs celebrating love of homeland and love of mountains, such as Triglav, moj dom and Slovan, na dan


Zavrh pod Šmarno goro
GPS coordinates
E 14.450662
+386 (0)1 41 298 485
(Javni zavod Sotočje)
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