The Carniolan Sausage Festival

In 2004, the House of Culinary Arts Jezeršek in the Sora village organised the first professional and laymen rating of Carniolan sausages. The event was attended by all certified Slovenian makers of Carniolan sausages.

In 2009, the House of Culinary Arts Jezeršek, in collaboration with the Sora Tourism Society, began organising a multi-day Carniolan Sausage Festival, where the Carniolan Sausage rating was accompanied by a rich sports, cultural and youth culture programme. In 2014, the 6th and unfortunately last Carniolan Sausage Festival was organised in Sora, while the professional and laymen rating of Carniolan sausages ended two years later. All Carniolan Sausage Festivals attracted many visitors, showcasing the Carniolan Sausage as a typical product not only of the Gorenjska region but of the entire country, and put the Sora village and the Municipality of Medvode on the culinary map of Slovenia. For this reason, we decided to revive the festival. The first festival of the new generation took place on 22 September 2018 by Lake Zbilje and will continue with organisation of the Carniolan Sausage Festival in the upcoming years.

Festival kranjske klobase, zbiljesko jezero

Zbiljsko jezero
GPS coordinates
E 14.421311
+386 (0)41 298 485
(Javni zavod Sotočje)
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