Slovenian Day in Dragočajna

Slovenian Day in Dragočajna is a traditional event. It is organised on the second to last Sunday in June by the Dragočajna – Moše Tourism Society in the pristine environment of the Dragočajna village. Visitors can learn about and try many homemade delicacies: several types of grouts and breads, porridges, angel wings, poticas, pearl barley stew and many other dishes. You can also learn about and try dried apples and homemade drinks, such as apple juice, blueberry liquor, herbal tonics, etc. Artisans also come to the event to showcase their crafts, while folk musicians, singers and dancers perform as part of the accompanying programme. The event is the perfect opportunity for exchange of traditional recipes that were once a staple in the cuisine of this area.

Slovenski dan v Dragočajni, Medvode, smlednik

Kamp Smlednik
GPS coordinates
E 14.415402
+386 (0)41 271 427
(TD Dragočajna Moše, Jure)
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