Seedlings fair

The first Seedlings fair was organised more than ten years ago, inspired by the discovery of an old photograph of village seedling plots on the slopes under Smlednik, by the Sava River, which only the oldest locals still remember.

Thanks to the sunny position and nearby water, locals used these garden beds to plant young seedlings for home grown vegetables. They exchanged seedlings as needed, but the area was probably also a very fertile ground for exchange of different information. Today, visitors of the fair exchange young seedlings, keeping alive the old tradition. Every year, the organisers prepare an accompanying cultural programme, and in 2018 a village garden was planted next to the event location to grow different healing and aromatic herbs.

Flancanje, smlednik

GPS coordinates
E 14.430581
+386 (0)41 568 276 (Društvo Slovenski center za ustno zgodovino)
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