Medvode in motion

In 2017, the Sotočje Public Institute, in collaboration with the Medvode Sports Association, organised the first Medvode in motion festival, which was spread out over several days. The festival included different sports competitions in various locations in the Municipality of Medvode, lectures were organised at the Medvode Sports Hall, a culinary market Tastes of the Confluence took place in the centre of Medvode and the two main events were the Medvode Cycling Criteria and the 1st Night Run at the Confluence. The festival closed with a band performance at the town square. The first Medvode in motion festival attracted many participants (500 runners and 1200 other participants) and 3000 visitors. The second festival was attended by more than 1600 participants, with more than 500 runners altogether. It was organised also in 2018 and 2019.

center Medvod
GPS coordinates
E 14.413938
+386 (0)41 600 717
(Javni zavod Sotočje)
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