Krampus Night

In 2018, this event at the end of November was organised by the Goričane – Vaše Tourism Society for the seventh time. The event quickly gained international fame. On the third Sunday in November, groups of the most terrifying and terrifyingly realistic Krampuses from Slovenia and abroad (Italy, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland) gather at the Goričane Castle to present their amazing masks and mischiefs to the public. The parade grows every year: the 7th Krampus Night had 400 participants. After the presentation or the parade, there is a party in a heated tent.

Noč parkeljnov, goričane, medvode

Goričane, Medvode
GPS coordinates
E 14.396649
+386 (0)40 653 717
(TD Goričane – Vaše, Jakob)
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