Hike from Jakob to Jakob

The celebrations in honour of the municipal holiday end with the hike From Jakob to Jakob. There are three St. Jacob churches in the Municipality of Medvode: one stands on Katarina, the second is in Hraše and the third in Žlebe. The gathering point is at the Church of St. Jacob in Hraše or at the Topol Elementary School. The hike ends in Zavrh, at the birthplace of Jakob Aljaž, who is also the patron of the Medvode municipal holiday. The hike is also part of the FROM JAKOB TO JAKOB brand, which was successfully registered by the Sotočje Medvode Public Institute in April 2017. The Institute also presents the brand as part of the event.

Pohod od Jakoba do Jakoba, medvode, jakob aljaž

Rojstna hiša Jakoba Aljaža
GPS coordinates
E 14.450662
+386 (0)41 298 485
(Javni zavod Sotočje)
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