Hike along the Paths of Robber Knights

The Hike along the Paths of Robber Knights is a traditional hike over the slopes of the Polhov Gradec Dolomites. From the starting point (Preska Elemetary School) all the way to the end (from Preska village to the Church of St. Margaret in Žlebe and further on towards the Jeterbenk hill), the hikers are accompanied by the robber knights, who also show them the way. The hike is moderately difficult, suitable for all ages: children, adults and older hikers. It takes around three hours along maintained hiking trails.

Pohod po poteh roparskih vitezov, žlebe, medvode

Preska – Žlebe
GPS coordinates
E 14.409886
+386 (0)31 808 064
(TD Žlebe Marjeta, Vanja)
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