The Slovenian Mesopotamia, the Navel of the World, Zwischenwässern or, simply, Medvode... The origin of the place located at the confluence of the Sava River (Tigris) and the Sora River (Euphrates) goes back to pre-historic times, while its development started in the late 15th century, when the Emperor Frederick III authorised the construction of a bridge at the confluence. Today, bridges are still of great importance for the city.

Medvode is an attractive town with a colourful history and a rich cultural heritage. This legacy inherited from the past means a lot to the proud inhabitants of Medvode and reflects the development of the area over time. Magnificent castles as well as numerous wonderful churches and chapels represent a major part of Medvode’s history, which goes back to the 10th history when the place was first mentioned in demarcation documents. The older inhabitants of Medvode like to look back on the past and see it as a possibility to continue traditional manners and customs; they are followed by young people, who also give great importance to their hometown. Medvode’s cultural heritage is preserved by many associations, which organise a variety of events and enable the like-minded to gather and maintain the traditions.

However, in recent years, the town of Medvode has been very committed to its rich and diverse natural heritage. The hilly landscape with a plain watered by the Sava River and its artificial lake and by the Sora River, which flows to the confluence from the Dolomites, is home to a number of animals and plants. This diversity offers the inhabitants of Medvode and its visitors many opportunities for active leisure time in all seasons. In winter, they can try cross-country skiing and sledding, while in summer, they can enjoy bathing in the rivers and in the lake, rafting and fishing; in every season, adventure seekers are attracted by the Polhov Gradec Hills, Šmarna Hill, Lake Zbilje and the Smlednik Castle ruins, where they can take a walk or simply relax. When the weather is nice, the town of Medvode is perfect even for the most demanding travellers and cyclists. The area offers its inhabitants a shelter from the hectic world; schoolchildren can learn in a natural classroom, and visitors can find many o portunities for relaxation and recreation.